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01 Customize Payroll Settings

Choose what dates you want to run payroll on in your organization.

App: HR Management

02 Submit Punch Alterations

Employees can submit punch alterations for HR Managers to review and approve or reject. Use custom time zones for each in/out time if necessary.

App: Time Tracker

03 Pay Group Rules

Set up specific rules for your pay group. Clamp down punch times and create different kinds of rules for specific time cards and employee pay agreements.

App: HR Management

04 Time Tracker Dashboard

Employees can view their upcoming paycheck (before taxes) and see how many hours their peers have worked. View their old pay periods and see all of their recent punches.

App: Time Tracker








HR Manager Plan Preview

Get the minutia out of HR so you can focus on the people in your company.

HR Management


  • Store information and documents associated to your employees.

  • Choose your payroll cycle, bi-weekly/bi-monthly.

  • Store employee salaries and hourly pay rates.

  • Generate time cards, create rules for time cards, and select your billable clients.

  • Manage birthdays, employees awards, time requests, performance reviews, and exit reviews.

Time Tracker


  • Employees can punch in and out of their time cards and submit punch alterations requests.

  • View payroll, annual time totals, monthly time totals, and attendance.

  • Connect each punch with a specific invoice in the billing app.



  • Create training courses for your employees and assign those courses to each employee.

  • Monitor their completion of specific training materials.

  • Create pass-offs and tests to qualify employees.


  • Store important files and lock them down.

  • Use version control on important company documents.

  • Create review teams for document approvals.

File Vault

CRM (Client Resource Management)


  • Store your client data such as addresses, contacts, meetings notes, and more.

  • Keep track of active deals/sales with client's and make a custom sales pipeline.


  • Keep good documentation of your vendors and store information about such as addresses, contacts, certifications, and vendor scores.

VRM (Vendor Resource Management)



  • Track billable labor, subscriptions, and expenses for each client.

  • Show clear information about what was worked on to your client.

  • Export client invoices as PDFs.

  • Monitor internal company spending by setting your own company up as a client.

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