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Don't fear making your software internally. Learn NoCode tools at a remarkable pace and turn your internal staff into the ultimate NoCode developers.


Get nearly 24/7 real-time access to a developer any time you need them to ask quick questions, continue your learning, and find solutions to difficult challenges quickly. We track your time by the minute, not the hour.


Request specific coaches that have experience in a specific industry or change coaches. We'll help you find the right person to be your coach as you build your Quickbase apps.

Not looking to outsource? Get 1 on 1 time with a NoCode coach and work together on your project whenever you want using our resources.

(Coaching as a Service)


At the heart of effective NoCode coaching and consulting lies a diverse set of skills, and our network shines brightly in each one. Looking to have someone to bounce your ideas off of from time to time? We track your time in minutes, not hours and we're available almost 24/7!

All are welcome to join the network and community. Interested in becoming a coach on the network? Reach out to us directly and get early access to the coaching platform.

NoCode Coach

Database Design and Management

Our experts excel in mapping out your businesses workflows and how your data is organized. From field definitions to table relationships, our coaches can quickly grasp what you are trying to accomplish and provide feedback and thoughts to help you bring your final product together.

App Development

Our coaches understand what it means to develop an app that is tailored to your client's needs. We recognize that you are likely looking to solve little problems and nuances in both UI and UX. Don't get stuck trying to imagine how your information could be organized and interacted with, reach out to a coach on the fly.

Automations & Pipelines

Data interaction is frequently a domino effect. One modification or new record may represent a long list of automations. Our coaches can help you work through how to automate very lengthy sets of automations and pipelines. Approach pipelines with confidence and know that you can reach out to a coach whenever you need to.

Deployment & Adoption

Deploying your software with your clients is never easy or straightforward. Our coaches have experience with live deployment in both the US, China, South America and more. If you're struggling to deploy or drive adoption with a client we can help you put a plan together and identify how to increase adoption and decrease friction.

LZTEK is proud to have founded and currently moderates the largest community-owned Discord server of Quickbase developers from all around the world. We recently started the Discover NoCode community as well!

Join the Quickbase Community now and connect with other Quickbase developers or join the Discover NoCode community and learn new NoCode platforms with other devs!


Web Dev. Coached.

Need to refresh your website or make something creative? Feel free to leverage our knowledge and expertise to learn how to build incredible looking websites from scratch with affordable modern software platforms that make it incredibly easy to do.

We know it's not always easy to make websites. Let us help guide you through the process.


At LZTEK we are incredibly grateful to work for companies that are amazing at what they do and have given us a broad set of experiences in multiple industries.

The LZTEK team and Sightline were an amazing support to our startup operation. Their dedication to work with us on customized features and solutions was amazing. Their ability to develop new ways of navigating complex problems was also a great asset for them and us!

Jefferson Nemelka

Plant Manager, Puravita

Sightline helped my international manufacturing business track manufacturing processes in REAL TIME in over 10 foreign factories. I can see raw materials, WIP, and finished goods. No more blind spots in production or shipping. I will have Sightline installed in all of our suppliers going forward.

Darin Long

Owner, InnovAsia

I want to personally convey my very high appraisal and approval for the quality of the support team that LZTEK has provided for this project. They have all been exceptionally proficient, detail oriented and a pleasure to work with.

Jody Howse

Plant Manager, Puravita

With Sightline, the human talent management of my organization is better. I have confidence that the information is correct, accurate, and quickly available to comply with the labor laws of Guatemala and the annual reports to the Ministry of Labor in Guatemala.

David Reynoso

HR Manager, Infitex

SIGHTLINE allows us to automate our HR processes with a user-friendly timekeeping system that adapts to both our needs and those of our staff. It is one of the best tools for maintaining precise controls.

Estela Samayoa

HR Assistant, Infitex

Candy Cotton


We've partnered with the best in the NoCode space to make sure we bring you the best experience.

SmartSuite has designed one of the best user experiences in an all-in-one NoCode tool that we've ever seen.

DNC is one of the best sources of information on NoCode platforms, leaders, and stacks. Join their newsletter, community or get a consultation.

Wix has enabled our agency to build websites for partners faster than any other platform.

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