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Our Process:


Bring your thinking cap.

Discovery Meeting

Listen, Learn & Understand.

In the discovery meeting we will sit down with you and take a look at your needs and goals. Once we have learned and understand your existing processes and your industry we will evaluate each process and prepare to provide a detailed solution.


Don't forget your stencils.

Plan & Design

You wont arrive at the finish line without directions.

  1. Confirming Comprehension
    This plan will confirm with you all the high level concepts with software and schema involved. It also serves as a “litmus test” to make sure we are aligned.


  2. Collaboration & Resources
    We will address whom in the company we will need to work with directly and put a basic schedule together with you to get access to those individuals.


  3. Set UI/UX Expectations
    We will assess the UI/UX necessary to deploy a solution and discuss with each of your departments what their needs and expectations are.


  4. Final Schema, Deployment Plan, and Blueprint
    At the end we will send out documents to review each solution for each department and make sure we aren’t missing any of your needs.


Early bird gets the worm.

Agile Development

Work together, fail fast & course-correct quickly. 

Once we get the green light, our development team will begin to execute on the plan. Any delays in the timeline will be discussed with you directly and we will hold weekly meetings with you to provide updates and confirm we are on the right track.

You will have early access to the software as we develop it to confirm everything is going in the right direction as we test each new feature. We will reach out to your departments during development if we have additional questions. All feedback, answers and clarifications you provide will enable us to course-correct early and quickly.


Your art. Delivered.

Deployment, Integration & Training

Your vision. Executed.

Deploying the first generation of the software and integration requires close collaboration between your company and our deployment team. We will make sure that each department is trained to use the software in their official roles and responsibilities.

Deployment will be staged by department and the transition of data from your old platform will happen in the shortest window of time possible to prevent duplication of effort.

OPTIONAL* per your request, and for an additional fee, we will write a user guide for your software that your departments can use as training materials for new/future hires. Our team can also deploy your user guide in multiple languages: English, Spanish, and Chinese. Additional charges will incur for each additional language and prices are dependent on the scope and size of the user guide.


I wasn't asleep, I promise. ;)

24/7 Support

A safety net for when things don't go as planned.

Our goal is to leave you with a solution that you can use for years, but we know it's important to create a system of support during the lifetime of your software. If you ever have issues with your software or need additional features our team is available day and night to discuss your needs and resolve problems.

Our two offices are located in Jakarta, Indonesia and Lehi, UT. Occasionally we’ll reach out to see how things are going and gather any feedback you may have.

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