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QA System

Leave a Rating

After projects or work you may leave a star rating for the individual who performed the work on Landing Zone.

Rate Specific Skills

Leave ratings for specific skills or highlight where they performed well.

Project Based

Ratings that developers receive are based on projects they have worked on. Filter and find the reviews that are important to you.

Leave Feedback

Leave feedback anonymously or transparently for any developers you have worked with.

Leave Reviews

Leave a review for others to read based on your experience!

2 Year History

No review should last forever. We're not spotted dogs. Reviews will only impact ratings for two years and then fade away.

Give your community a network.

Introducing Landing Zone, your launch pad for making meaningful connections in your Discord communities! Our platform provides members a dedicated space to showcase their skills, resumes, and rates. Landing Zone transforms your community into a vibrant decentralized network of professionals, each shining with their unique capabilities. It's more than a software—it's your personal space station where potential collaborators orbit closer than ever. Ready for liftoff? Get Landing Zone for your Discord community today!


Community Network

Landing Zone enhances networking in your Discord community by transforming it into a bustling bazaar, brimming with talent and opportunity. Each member has an area to showcase their unique skills and talents publicly that connects to their Discord profile. Regardless of what niche your community serves, Landing Zone becomes a resource for members in and outside of the community helping them find the talent they need. Get early access to Landing Zone and empower your Discord community today.

A New Level of Collaboration

Rival some of the best agencies with Landing Zone's project collaboration tools. Enable your community and people outside of your community to interact with and bring people with the right skillsets on for the right jobs. Track project completion and project assignments. Safely bring people into roles after reviewing their ratings and skills sets and get warnings when they may not be the right fit.

Time Tracking

Track the time an individual spends with a qualified coach and log the time to be used later.

Automated Invoicing

Generate invoices from the time that was logged between the coach and the individual to be billed.

Use Voice Channels

Use Discord's built in voice channels to do your coaching. No need to change your flow.

Leader Board

Track who has helped community members the most (paid and unpaid time) and help them get noticed.

Coaching & Support

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