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HR Manager

The job of an HR Manager has never been easier. Document all employee information along with creating and assigning training programs. Keep track of trainings completed, certifications received, and so much more.

Product & Inventory

Know where business inventory stands at any moment. Keep track of products and raw materials and know where everything is kept inside of the warehouse. Easily use barcodes to label and scan inventory.

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Equipment Manager

Keep equipment running longer and smoother with equipment maintenance schedules. Establish and assign recurring maintenance to employees. Maintain a knowledge base of the tests and calibrations required on all of the machines.

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Quality Center

Set up quality control checks throughout production lines. Be alerted when quality checks fall out of ISO standards. Measure performance and identify what machines and employees are consistently outside of acceptable product standards.

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Track LOTs, employees, machines, and shifts to create traceability throughout your production lines. Build trust with your clients through transparency. Giving them access to your production portal so they can see the progress of their purchase orders.

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