Supply Chains, They Make the World Work.

Our software helps you easily manage and build out your supply chain. From Raw Materials to the Fulfillment of a finished product, you need to be able to see and document all of the moving parts of your supply chain.

Order your raw materials and manage inventory levels by creating order-up-to levels to prevent from warehouse raw material overflow. Get notified of when to order new materials. Download a PO PDF and send it to your vendors or have an automatic PO email sent out to the respective vendors. Ensure that the materials are good upon receipt and send your raw materials through Materials Lab or another QA system to make sure that what you have received meets the required standards you and the vendor have agreed upon.

Track all of your vendors and keep up-to-date scores on them. Have backup vendors and set up 80/20 order ratios. Track quotes from each vendor and get notified when a quote is expired. Renew quotes to clients quickly with new vendor quotes. Use our built in scoring system to keep your vendor's accountable and determine if they meet your standards. View a track record of each vendor and recent updates to their scores. Provide clear turn-around times by documenting each vendor's turnaround time. Track quotes from each vendor and get notified when a quote is expired. Renew quotes to clients quickly with new vendor quotes. Find the optimal QTY to be produced for a build based on a clients PO quantity.

Track all your shipments from one place. Give clients access to up-to-date logistics information and decrease repetitive communication. Monitor delvery and give your clients and vendors a viewport that allows them to see current delivery times. Set up email addresses to be notified each day on current the current updates of logistics. Reduce repetitive communication regarding logistical information and have a one-stop are to get access to all that information.

Inventory management and tracking of your inventory is fundamental to any company that is working with raw materials. Setup your warehouse using QR codes to track material and product movement on the warehouse floor. Manage reorder points for your materials to set up a just in time operation. Track the movement and changes of inventory items, know where they have been, what rack they were stored on, and what tests they went through. Generate packing lists and pick locations from POs or online orders.

Monitor sales and POs to make sure that your production is fast enough to keep up with demand and give your sales team access to important inventory information to let them know what kind of deals they can make. Use picking lists from inventory to quickly package client's orders. Automatically generate shipping labels for smaller online orders or create and send detailed packing lists to larger third party logistics companies for bigger commercial shipments.