Production LOTs, Scheduling, & Templates

Plan your product, create a production build. Auto generate the LOT numbers for your build. Ensure that the responsible party follows all the steps in production using verifications, and a step builder. Ensure the product's quality with within the Materials Lab app; stop bad product in its' tracks by testing at any stage in the process. Gather client feedback and iterate your build, parts, etc. Track changes in your product and its build changes over time. Give Vendor's vision into your system, allow them to see the product and any associated piece that is important to them. Give Clients vision of their product, it's current build, and it's past builds within your system. Show them the change requests that have occurred over time and give them a place to confidently know what they are buying and have a high level of transparency.

Production and client collaboration to ensure that you're meeting your clients needs can often be a fickle process. Change requests sent back and fourth over emails can get lost in communication and become hard to follow up on in a clean way. Communicating these changes to your Vendors quickly becomes a game of telephone where things are easily misinterpreted. It's already hard enough as it is, especially if you have to translate their request into a foreign language. In Sightline you will find the tools you need to streamline and organize this process and simplify your experience as a supplier and your client's and vendor's experience as well getting everyone on the same page and giving them access to the same information.

Never find yourself hunting for an old email with an attachment, or looking for a change request from a client to verify that it is the most recent decision. Keep production and sampling information communication clear and organized with Sightline.