Human Resources? Integrated.

In Sightline, your HR management is integrated into the system. It's important that you know what employees are trained on because they shouldn't have permission to operate certain equipment or do certain things within the system if they aren't trained on the most recent SOP. File Vault lets you build out your SOPs, revise them, and automates re-training your employees when an SOP that they had been previously trained on is revised. Create tests in the training app that your employees must pass to gain access to to certain functionality.* File Vault and Training let you easily manage this repetitive process and removes communication overhead.

HR and Time Tracker let you track the employees you hire and gives them a great way of tracking their time. Document expenses and hours worked for your company and for third parties. Help employees budget by showing them their hourly pay and approximates for upcoming paychecks. Submit time off requests to eb approved by a supervisor. Document employee performance reviews and give raises. Enable employees to submit punch alterations to supervisors to be revised when there are punch mistakes.

With the HR app suite you'll have better, more organized information about your workforce to make more informed decisions to improve your company.