Equipment. Take care of your investment.

Create a knowledge base of everything you know and have learned about your equipment on the floor. Upload user guides to save future employees time looking for information and solutions. Track deviations and common issues that a machine experiences so that your team can be aware of and stay on the same page. View the time lost due to specific deviations and identify where you can optimize your processes.

Ensure that your equipment gets the care that it needs with a scheduled PM system. View and schedule PMs on your equipment to plan our your available resources to make sure you're getting everything done on time. Show the recent calibrations performed on each machine and make it easy to provide a report with that information during audits. Record the efficiency of your machines by gathering data from production and show which machines are high performers.

Identify problems early on by tracking machine data over time, schedule early maintenance when something is out of the ordinary.

Your equipment is connected to your production LOTs. When a production LOT receives a bad test from a QA team, get notified right away and identify which machines are potentially causing the problems.