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Rosson Long

Co-Founder, CEO, SL Product Manager

A data modeling wizard with a knack for envisioning business models in software. 7 years of Supply Chain experience. Entrepreneur, IT Jedi, SCRUM master, Star Wars and Mass Effect diehard.

Lancelot Reese

CFO, Lead Developer

An easy-going jokester that enjoys day trading, gaming, and finance. He also enjoys some crazy stuff like parkour and fire breathing and is one of our developers and writers.

Jeremie Reese

Lead Developer, Head of Morale & Hydration

Writes, integrates, and validates automations. As the head of Morale and Hydration, he is a charming quipster and a bastion against thirst. Never visits the office.

Baden Ballard

VP of Sales & Marketing - South America

Entrepreneur with an MBA and a knack for web development. Co-founder of Born to whitewater kayak and raised to rock climb.

Jared Coleman

Lead Developer, Automations Manager

Software developer and problem solver. Passionate about all forms of communication, being fluent in 3 spoken languages and many more coding ones. Also loves exploring the language of the heart and mind through music and games.

Jessica Long

Software Deployment

I believe that people should take advantage of technology and education so they can spend more time knitting, going to brunch, hiking, traveling, creating, and yes filmmaking.

Jose Juarez

Software Sales & Deployment

An expert in learning with a focus in technology and communication. I'm an Electronic Engineer who fell in love with art, so he added a Master's in Marketing to his bag.
Life purpose: To Help.

Sterling Long

Sterling Long

Co-Founder, Co-CEO, Chump, Lead Developer

Programmer extraordinaire. I love learning new things. Currently developing beautiful blockchain solutions, also known as B.S. This is similar to an educational BS, which is only slightly better than the card game.

From 2018 to 2022

Eric Steadman

Eric Steadman

Head of Cryptography

Mathematician and full-stack dev. I raze obstacles that others gawk at. I also like complicated games like D&D and MTG, as well as random stuff like dancing and cooking.

From 2018 to 2021

Reese Harper

Reese Harper


I love anything and everything IT. I’ve been working in the industry professionally for almost 5 years now and have loved every minute of it. Fluent in Mandarin, and am an avid lover of Music, medieval weaponry and video games.


Jordan Williamson

Jordan Williamson

Developer, Lead UI & UX

Quickbase certified and ready to kick ass. Web dev and making things look pretty is the name of the game. My pastimes are basketball, enjoying a snack/beverage, or playing a stress-inducing game.

From 2020 to 2022

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