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Landing Zone Technology (LZTEK) is an ERP, SCM, and Production Management software development company.

We chose a Landing Zone to represent our company and its' initiative because a landing zone is where aircraft go to safely land after a flight and that same landing zone also serves as a launching pad. We seek to invite others to help us build software solutions that serve as a launching pad of success for those who work with us, and those whom we work for.

As an agile, flexible development team we focus on software solutions that are fast, easy to deploy, and affordable. We utilize low-code platforms and programming to quickly meet the needs of our clients. We eliminate repetitive work, create intuitive tools, and evolve workflows so that you can focus on what matters.

We are currently involved in a variety of different projects, here’s a bird’s eye view of them.

Our Flagship Software, SIGHTLINE.

Sightline is an ERP, SCM, and Production Management software that serves as the bridge into seeing how your business is doing. Primarily developed for factories and supply chain companies, Sightline enables companies to monitor and manage production, equipment, inventory, LOT traceability, QA, vendors, and clients.

In our era the economy and our communities are reliant upon manufacturing processes and supply chains. This dependence makes it more important than ever that companies in these industries have access to software that makes it easy and affordable to be a reliable member of an ever-growing world economy and community. We believe that SIGHTLINE will become an enabling pillar within that community.


LZT.mine is a crypto mining service where you own your miners. Located in a well cooled atrium, the LZT.mine is the perfect place to have a miner set up and hosted. With our direct connections to the Bitmain factory in China through us you can buy your own miner(s), have them set up at our location, and connect to and use them to mine remotely. Click here to learn more.


LZT.crypto is a blockchain development team that is proficient at creating NFTs and cryptocurrencies using smart contracts developed in Solidity, Rust, or Haskell. Learn more about our services here.

Currently we are involved in a couple of projects: Vitals and Honuni.
1. Vitals is a Token and an NFT that will revolutionize how personal medical health data is stored, utilized, and transacted by enabling the users to own and monetize their personal health information. Learn more about Vitals at
2. Honuni is an initiative to protect marine wildlife by partnering with non-profits around the world. Leveraging the power of NFTs, Honuni will protect marine wildlife by creating a more accessible and meaningful medium for people to donate to non-profits and connect with the wildlife that they are supporting.

As a company and a community we enjoy making games together and building games that bring people together and stories that inspire people to become better. is both a recreational and professional endeavor that we are very excited about here at LZTEK.



Communities need a Landing Zone to gather, and people need a Landing Zone to grow.

Fellowship and finding new opportunities that will help you grow are the key ingredients we employ in helping each of our employees grow here at LZTEK. As a team we regularly leave our comfort zones to meet the demands in front of us, all the while, picking each other up and providing support each time we fail as we grow and move forward.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." If you're interested in going further than you have before in working of partnering with us, reach out!

Our Values


People trust and respect each other at a level that allows for critical discourse without defensiveness.


We empower each team member to innovate and work autonomously with their sphere of influence.


We understand that we can always improve and learn from other team members and other companies.

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