Our Community and Values

Communities need a place to congregate, people need a place to grow.

As a company our community is incredibly important to us. Fellowshipping one another and finding new opportunities that will help you grow as an individual are key to being an LZTEK employee. We seek to get you out of your comfort zone while still providing you with a safety net to catch you as you discover and learn. These experiences aren't possible without the hard work of everyone involved and the skills that you develop will eventually become the safety net for others as they in turn discover and learn. If you are interested in working with us or would like to partner with us reach out to us here! We love collaborating with others and hearing about new projects that people are working on!

Our Values


People trust and respect each other at a level that allows for critical discourse without defensiveness.


We empower each team member to innovate and work autonomously within their sphere of influence.


We understand that we can always improve and learn from other team members and other companies.