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Your business's entire supply chain in one spot.

Utilize streamlined and interconnected data from different areas of your business, such as HR, Inventory, and Production.

Quickly share the current progress of purchase orders with clients.

Always know exactly where your company stands without all the hassle.

HR Manager

The perfect employee management program

Manage your employees and their data easily

Develop your workforce with training

Track hourly and salaried payroll

Optimize workflows to improve productivity

Reduce communication overhead with notifications

lower costs by automating workflows

Inventory Control

Track your business's product and equipment inventory

Utilize live data for better decision-making

Automate restocking

manage inventory of multiple storage facilities

Enable LOT traceability

Organize warehouse of increased efficiency

reduce human effort through automated workflows

Equipment Manager

Set up and maintain equipment maintenance programs

Increase machine life-span with reoccurring maintenance schedules

Monitor machine performance

Automatically generated maintenance histories

Notification system to help quicken maintenance response time

Cultivate accountability with detailed logs and employee signoffs

Establish workflows for equipment tests

Quality Central

streamline quality control processes

Establish quality control checks

Show that clients orders are within ISO standards

Generate AQL test data automatically, improving QC accuracy

Customize AQL strictness to business's needs


Notify employees immediately when quality standards are not met


Same time by creating Test Templates for your QC processes



take your supply chain to the next level 

Construct production lines and manage your production runs

Adimistrate your company's finances with inter connected data

Optimize multi-team workflows

Increase client and vendor transparency to optimize turnarounds

Centralize work process to improve work information accuracy

Direct every aspect of your business from within one suite of apps

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